Build the Perfect Brunch Salad

A simple green salad is a great addition to any brunch, especially since you are bridging the gap between breakfast and lunch. You don't want this salad to steal the show, so we are going to keep it basic. 

Lettuce greens - none of that ice burg bullshit either. I used a mix of leafy greens from the garden and added pea shoots for some texture and crunch. 
1 avocado (cut in half lengthwise, remove seed, slice into squares and the pop out of the skin)
Basic balsamic dressing
1/2 cup olive oil
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
1TBS dijon mustard
1TBS honey
Salt and Pepper

You don't want to weigh the salad down. Start by putting in the greens. Arrange the avocado chunks around the perimeter of the greens. Put the pea shoots right on top in the middle. Using a spoon, drizzle the dressing around the perimeter of the greens, slowly working your way towards the middle. You want droplets of dressing, not a flowing pour - this will be too much and too heavy. 

Making the dressing
Put all of the ingredients into a jar and shake. That's it. Couldn't be easier. If you want to make more, I typically use a 2:1 ratio of oil to vinegar. Just double everything.