Teriyaki Pineapple & Pork with Avocado Risotto

This all started with one very ripe avocado and a craving for pineapple! Yes, it may sound like an unusual combination but this dish turned out beautifully. Kitchenista beware... this recipe is NOT completely vegetarian but can easily be modified.

I don't particularly like cooking meat, so I found teriyaki pork kabobs with pineapple and red peppers at the Market District. I decided to broil them in the oven, turning every few minutes. I added a whole lot of sliced pineapple into the pan first and let everything take on a nice charred skin and flavor. This didn't take very long, approximately 15 minutes total. So wait until the risotto is almost done before starting to broil.

Risotto Ingredients:
2 TBS olive oil
1 large red onion
1 very ripe avocado
1 cup arborio rice
32 oz. organic chicken broth without salt added (Yes - I usually use vegetable broth, but it darkens the risotto               in color and adds an deep earthy flavor. I was really looking for something lighter and this worked!)
1/4 cup crumbled feta
1/4 cup fresh grated parmigiana
1/2 lemon for juice
1/2 cup fresh chopped parsley or cilantro
sea salt and pepper to taste

1. Heat broth on a low simmer in a pot.
1. Combine diced red onion and olive oil in a large pan over medium heat. Partially cover with lid, stirring so the onion doesn't stick for 10-15 minutes.
2. While the onion cooks, slice one avocado and scoop out of the skin with a spoon. Mash in a bowl and set aside.
3. Add rice to the onion mixture and stir for approximately 10 minutes. The rice will start to turn opaque.
4. Add one ladle full of hot broth at a time, stirring until broth is absorbed. Repeat until all broth is gone. You may need to add a little water if rice isn't soft enough once all broth is added.
5. Stir mashed avocado, feta and parmigiana into risotto.
6. Squeeze 1/2 fresh lemon juice, add salt and pepper.
7. Add fresh chopped parsley and mix.
8. This always tastes better served immediately and piping hot!